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Gallery142 Felixstowe

So pleased to have painted the new Wall Art for Felixstowe

 £5000, please contact me to make this yours!

  • Thanks so much Felixstowe and 142 Gallery, your new wall art is up and it looks magnificent!

  • 137 visitors over 6 painting days

  • Lots of lovely under-layers building up a visual treat for you to come on in and take a closer look

  • Notice that glitter in the blue supermoon and the pathway to that moon!

Adventures in Colour

More about me.....

I failed art at school - true story. My art teacher gave me a big fat F and said my painting was 'childlike'. That's because he himself was an artist who specialised in hyper-realistic watercolour, obviously my naïve style wasn't for him. Although I have since come to realise that there is nothing wrong at all with naïve painting and there is a whole naïve artist movement out there.. but it took a while to 'find my people' in fact 40 years.

Since 2019 after trying almost every craft under the sun I decided that I wanted to be a painter, and honestly that's what I had always wanted to be. I bought a couple of books by artists that I admired and who painted in a similar style to me and began to show up for my painting practice everyday after work and weekends in fact every spare minute making art or thinking about art. My husband made me a small garden studio after I began to get too much paint on the house! I have worked very hard - taken many online courses, had a tutor but mainly I am self taught through experimentation, trusting my instincts and being brave with paint.


It has been hard but joyful work but the real barrier was accepting that my style of painting even when ridiculous is as valid and as worthy as anyone else's out there. As artists this can be tricky with waves of self doubt popping up when you least need them, I have come to learn that these feelings do pass, just gotta hang in there and keep the faith.


The WallArt, on the outside (Gainsborough Road side) of the 142 Gallery is an 8ft  square piece of art that changes every few months. We think there may have been about 14 created to date. Their 'almost billboard' size means they can be enjoyed at a distance as you walk or drive along Hamilton Road .Each piece is an original artwork by a different artist - usually created in the gallery itself so that visitors to the gallery can enjoy watching it take shape. We, the 142 team, greatly appreciate the work the artists put into creating these huge pieces of art and, from the feedback we receive, we know they are very much enjoyed and eagerly anticipated by the people of Felixstowe. There is a notice board next to the WallArt which gives information about the artist and the artwork . These WallArts are usually offered for sale - choice of the artist.

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