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Manea Scarecrow Festival and
Artists Open Studios 2023


We all like scarecrows, right? The old fashioned traditional ones like Jon Pertwee (not the new Worzal Gummidge because that's just scary!)  Well, this year, Sarah Heather ART (me) is going to be sponsoring the Manea Scarecrow Festival!  Huzzah!

This event will be judged on Saturday July 1st which just happens to be the same weekend as Peterborough Artists Open Studios. Hence the link - see what I did there?

Art is for everyone - including building scarecrows!

My garden studio will be open to visitors both the Saturday and Sunday 11am until 5pm

Sarah Heather - Peterborough Artists Open Studios (

Lots of artists in the Peterborough area will be opening their studios for 3 weekends - check out the exact dates, times and artists on their website.

I am also very excited to tell you that as well as my awesome original art, prints, cards etc available, there will be a second guest artist with me, the fantabulous Kerry Shearer.

Naïve Art - Fine Art British Naïve Style - Home - Kerry Shearer Art

Kerry paints the most beautiful stunning paintings inspired by places in the UK in such wonderful detail it will probably blow your socks off. Kerry will be selling some original work, prints, cards, miniatures and hopefully she will bring some baubles  - they are seriously good. Kerry sells her work all over the UK at art fairs and galleries so its a treat that she will be displaying her work in my garden! 

We will also have CAKE - yes CAKE and some refreshments.


Neither of the images below are of Kerry or I! (although the one on the left is slightly suspicious!)


This is us!  at the recent Bath Art Fair - Kerry has the greenish hair (disclaimer, may not be green that weekend) and cute pinafore.


Final thing before you can go ... if you can't catch me this weekend then I will also be in Benwick the following weekend as a guest of Denise  Brown stoneware ceramicist - check out her info here

Denise Brown - Peterborough Artists Open Studios (

THANK YOU - hope you can pop along

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