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This lovely mixed media painting is about 2 doggy friends who are on a walk with their owner, we know this because they are both wearing collars and are fully up to date with their vaccinations and annual boosters. Unfortunately their EU passport is no longer valid but the less we say about that here the better. 


Loads of energy in this with pencil marks and subtle layering but at the same time there is a lovely sense of calm about it when you look at it. Maybe all the green? that I hand mix myself from lemon yellow don't you know! 


A funny little story about this one - the working title was 'shagging dogs'  because when I first drew the dogs in, they definitely looked like one dog had mounted the other - my artist friends laughed so much and we still refer fondly to it as the 'shagging dog' painting. I'm not changing it, its part of why my paintings are so quirky - ridiculous even. You are welcome!


60x60cm = deep edge gallery canvas - Framed in a classy white tray frame

This Way, Friend

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