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This started out as a completely different canvas entirely - true story. Although if you know me and follow me on facebook you will know that I love a paintover. Some of my best work comes from the layer beneath that peeps through on a new idea. 


This is based upon although bares little ressemblance to a farm we stay at near Hartland in Devon. We love going there and we love the owners who have become good friends. The air is so clean (apart from the farm smells, oh and the field smells!)  but yes its right on the coast and I can feel the  moment the air feels clean and fresh as we make our way there along the A39. 


I used collage on this that I made when I was staying there last year - so its particularly authentic. Then added the super gorgeous pink sky - should I calm it down? HELL NO. More pink is definitely more!


60x60cm - on deep gallery canvas -

FRAMED in a classy white tray frame - ready to hang!

Down the Blegberry Lane

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