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Acrylic and crayon on slim canvas unframed.


This is a peaceful painting, quite simple and not packed with the usual overload of mark making and colour typical of my style. 
I was a couple of layers in and thought to myself  ' you know what ? I like this already' 


I wanted to keep the magical misty atmosphere of the woodland and the sleeping fox 🦊 . My Mum says it looks like a waterfall which of course would not be so peaceful but you are welcome to make of it what you like 👍🏻 Thats the great thing about art - I have created it but it can mean something totally different and personal to you. 


60x50cm slim canvas, I didn't think it needed a frame, I wanted to keep the plainness so the painting speaks for itself  - If you want it framed please contact me.




In Foxy Hollow

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