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Bit of a weird title for this one...Nine Sleepy Swans. Why are they sleepy?  Obvious really, because they have been counting the sheep in the field below them. How many sheep? Nine! ha! ha!


I cant remember if I made the sheep and swan number the same on purpose or  not - may have. But what I was really interested in doing was making a really lovely hill. Really interesting to see that horizon line bold and making a statement...hey look at me with my lovely big mound. Oh better stop this before it goes too far!


This painting is on deep gallery canvas - 80x60cm - ready to hang with a white painted side. Also you may have noticed that it is super shiny and glossy from two layers of resin. Theres a little glitter in there for good luck too.  Resin is expensive and 2 coats was needed here because the first coat I was being too stingy with because of the cost. lesson learned - Dont be stingy Sarah otherwise there will be gaps and you will have to do it all over again with another 48 hours drying time without a fly landing in it. 


A bold statement piece for a bright place in your home - lush, I love resin.



Nine Sleepy Swans

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