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ahhhh this one. I wasn't sure about it at first - I questioned if it was too illustrative?  I do need to be careful of that as illustration comes too easy to me and I want to be a painter and not an illustrator - (had my art teacher at school spotted this talent in me then things might have been a whole lot different but thats another story!)


I kept it because I liked the paw, dogs paws are the best although my own dog Bella has the roughest paws, seriously ruff  and they smell cheesy (ha ha) and although I buy her paw cream she just licks it off.  I am glad I kept it because when it went into the frame OH MAN! it popped. It really came alive and now its AWESOME.


Also the title was a dilema  - it was always called On the Sniff but I realise it can mean different things to different people but then I thought - I am the artist and I will call it what I want!  Yep I am totally owning the title ON THE SNIFF!


Its a great little painting - 30x30cm with that chunky frame  - 



On the Sniff

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