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I own this chair - and I dont mean I painted it well - I mean I actually own a patchwork armchair - oh did I forget that I have a terrier too?  yes , this is basically my dog and my armchair. It's too cute. Look at the way her long back leg is tucked forward to sleep...yeah she seems to have long legs for  a Jack Russell so everyone thinks shes part parsons but I saw her Mum and Dad and they were short haired, so shes an odd one. Also she was already sold to someone else and they never came back for her. Poor Meg. BUT she found her forever home with us and the patchwork armchair. 


Oil paint - 60x80cm and its a cracker, I had it on my own wall and it looked great. Going to attempt her asleep on the sofa next. (yes, I kept the socket in, if you were part of that conversation on FB - if not, why not!)


Oil on deep canvas - white painted sides so ready to hang. Gorgeous. 

Tired Tiny Terrier

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