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Inspiration and Intention

So there is a thing called an 'artists statement' and as an artist I am supposed to tell you what inspires me and how my art fits into the world...you may have read them before and thought eh?

Firstly writing about what inspires me in the third person seems a tad weird to me especially on my own website.  So you are not going to find me contextualising my body of work or how it connects to art history or theory here, nope.

I will tell you, however, that I paint firstly and foremost for me. I love colour and the combinations of colour. I love bold, in your face art. I like outlining in black. I like semi abstract art. Ooo I also love collage.

The intention of my art for you, is to bring joy. I want you to look at it and smile, let it lift you.

That's all really, no fancy words or meaningless descriptions.

Colour. Joy. Smile

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The Artist Development Programme - Helen Elliott

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Currently a member of The Insiders Studio with Amanda Everston and Connect and Create with Helen Elliott
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