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Make Happy Art

Working from her Cambridgeshire garden studio Sarah Heather’s focus is to make happy art. She describes her paintings as quirky, colourful, borderline ridiculous but always created from a place of joy. Not content with settling with one style, media or colour palette, Sarah loves to explore different techniques and styles by simply being brave enough to ‘give them a go’ usually inspired by whatever is exciting her at that time and following her intuition to recreate it.

Sarah has worked in the third sector all her life for charities such as Citizens Advice and Mind. The need to find an outlet to protect her own wellbeing became apparent with the increasing pressures of clients and the world and so she experimented with various craft projects and courses but always came back to painting. The discovery of acrylic paints and online tutors set in stone her determination to paint joyous, colourful and happy paintings in her own quirky style.


Working mainly in acrylic on canvas but also pastel, inks and collage, her art is best described as naïve, illustrative, intuitive with emphasis on the emotion and feeling it creates for the viewer rather than being too hung up on the semantics.

professional development

online learning and e-courses

The Artist Development Programme - Helen Elliott

Bloom True - Flora Bowley

Creative Confidence
Abstracting The Landscape
Helen Elliott

Jump Into Abstract - Tracey Verdugo

The Secret Garden - Amanda Evanston


Currently a member of The Insiders Studio with Amanda Everston and Connect and Create with Helen Elliott
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