Hello and welcome to my website showcasing a small gallery of my

joyful and quirky paintings and mono prints.


I read that it takes 10,000 hours to know your craft, so with that in mind I got stuck in!

So now I am an artist and I love colour. I usually work with acrylic paint and ink but I also like to make prints too. I like acrylic paint because it is just so forgiving and perfect for learning new techniques with. I can be experimental and bold as I dare knowing full well it's easily covered over...

Literally nothing is ever wrong!

"Unique paintings that put a smile on your face, you can see that this artist really enjoys her work, all painted with love and skill."

- Sheila

I began my artist career in January 2019 after spending many years dabbling with different crafts and design. I gave up my job and took 3 months time out to recharge my battery. I embraced the joy of missing out and discovered acrylic paint. Previous to this self imposed sabbatical I had found the work of Artist Gillian Mowbray, I was fascinated by her simple but effective style of naive art and it made me realise that my art can be whatever I want it to be. Ultimately it only has to please one person. A real lightbulb moment.

"Wonderful artist with a love for her work that shines out in every painting. They have such wonderful depth and colour."

- Kate

My paintings primarily are based around the intuitive method - using colour, shape and interesting marks to make some really cool under-layers that build the finished picture. The under-layers are usually the best fun! My paintings can be described as quirky, naive, fun, narrative, colourful and always painted with love and good humour.

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