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My Process

Love and Joy!

The method I usually use to create paintings is called intuitive - this means I trust my own instinct to make the next move or mark on the canvas.

This also means that my painting has come from me and unlikely to ever be recreated in exactly the same way again.

When I paint a picture I am painting it to last a lifetime, important when buying art can be quite an investment. I get that.

I truly believe that having some great original art on your walls can totally bring joy to your space and life. I know this because I buy art from other artists. There is nothing better than a Happy New Art Day!

The paint I use is whats called 'archival quality' this means its really high in pigment and resistant to fading and cracking. The canvas is prepared and finished correctly which will further protect it from everyday living and the environment


A few of my favourite things to use

So painting can be quite expensive when you buy the good stuff, but you don't have to so don't worry about getting started. I always say 'start before you are ready' otherwise you just might not!

Some good basic things I use:

Acrylic paint - I like to use System 3 by Daler Rowney, Pebeo Studio and then the fancy expensive stuff called Golden.

Canvas - I usually buy and prefer box canvas from

Hobby craft, but you can paint acrylic on watercolour paper, no worries.

Brushes - I do not buy expensive brushes because acrylic paint is so harsh, instead I mostly use some flat brushes from The Works and they work perfectly well for me.

Acrylic paint is plastic so the less you can put down the drain the better, I scrub my brushes clean onto another canvas (for a chaos layer) and the dirty water goes onto a bucket of sand.

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