Original acrylic and crayon on canvas. Slim canvas with painted edges so ready to hang


This was all about the colour green to start off with, you can probably tell. I painted this before the Ice Skating Dogs and maybe these dogs are the same dogs or cousins of those dogs maybe?  Maybe all dogs are related?  I don't know. 

So the green came first .... lots of layering up of paint and mark making and generally having good fun with it. I think that shows in this  work and in fact all this collection, I really enjoyed painting them all. 

There transpired to be a gap in the middle of the painting and instinctively I picked up the blue stabilo woody crayon and scribbbled a pond...that's what that is in case you were confused (Mum)   Then the dogs came along ...then there seemed to be a doggy stand off between one side and the other, with 2 spectators just watching in case things really kicked off. 

So I give you Altercation Across the Pond . You are welcome friends 🤣





Altercation Across the Pond