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Original acrylic and crayon on canvas professionally framed.

I wasn't planning on painting too much when I was on my trip to France recently but I ended up with such inspiration that I went to a local shop and bought this canvas, lucky I had my fancy paints with me. 

So the story behind this and the title, which I think is cool is that we have a hedge in France. For some reason my husband for 7 years has been reluctant to cut it back and as a result it is now about a hundred foot high  and eleventy foot wide. Its massive - probably laurel. 

The hedge consequently is full of birds, not just a few but thousands if not millions of chattering beaks. I'm not sure what they are saying because they are French birds and I'm not so good with the language 🤣. (note to self - learn to speak French)  they might be complaining about these weird British people that rock up every 6 months and make noise or just about the price of baguettes ..who knows?

So that's the story of how Hedge of a Thousand Birds came to be and I don't think it will be the last painting of it. The real life hedge is included in the photos for evidence or I could say provenence if I was being all 'arty' ha ha!

50x40cm plus wide white frame by Colin the Framer 



Hedge of a Thousand Birds

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