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This is an emotional wowzer - if you love the sea. Especially seeing it for the first time after travelling for hours - oh man. Can you see the sea yet?  No. no, that it? there in the distance? YES!  I can see the sea. WOOHOOOOOOOO


Thats how I feel, and I think this painting captures it so well.  Put your arms in the air and breathe it in.


On Seawhite cradled panel - so basically its on slim wood. Sits in a stylish white tray frame that really finishes it off. Quite big at 84x60cm.


Mixed media - lots of mark making, scribbling - brings energy I think.


ALSO - I have stamped the title of the work on the front - its not something I usually do and probably frowned upon but meh...I am the artist and I get to decide lol.  The title is so important to understand the work so its very proudly on the front and hand stamped by meeee!


How I feel when I see the sea! 

How I feel When I see the Sea!

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