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If you follow me on the social media (thank you) you will know for the past couple of years I have been painting dogs on iceskates....drum rolllllllllllllllll   I give you Ice Skating Dogs. My most requested painting EVER!    My people friends really love them so I make no apology for this. FUN FUN FUN and an antidepressant on the wall - yes someone really described my art as that - true story.


So here we have a commission - you will receive a winter background, traditional fir trees, cabins, holly and all that with a center circle of ice with YOUR DOG, CAT, HAMSTER, COW or whatever skating. Also some reindeer because lets face it - the rink is their domain but they like to share.


It will be a deep gallery canvas with painted sides, ready to hang. No frame unless you request one special like. 


If you need a colour tweak or another addition not too far from the brief then pop me a message. 


Merry Christmas for your wall all year round!


Ice Skating Dogs (and other animals) Commissions

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